Business Growth Consultancy

Mind Strengths also offers a range of consultancy programmes for clients.  We have undertaken many bespoke pieces of work across a wide variety of subjects, including:

Developing a Wellbeing Strategy
Disaster Recovery & Contingency Planning
Employee Surveys
Facilitation of Senior Meetings, including Board Meetings
GDPR Requirements
Managing Change
Marketing & Social Media Strategies
New Product Sales Strategies
Recruitment of Candidates into Senior Roles
Research & Advisory Services
Review of Internal Communications & Recommendations
Staff Surveys

In addition, we have often been asked to write and deliver content for large seminars and events, to a variety of different audiences, covering many subjects. By using the services of an experienced guest speaker, your event will take on a new and engaging meaning that everyone will appreciate, taking the pressure off internal staff.  Investing in a consultant is not expensive and can actually save your business money. Take
the Recruitment of Candidates programme as an example. We will write job specifications, adverts and then post them on appropriate job boards. Then, we will control the whole process from there, including reviewing CV’s and recommending candidates for interview.

Save money with our recruitment consultancy service

Take a moment to think about how much you pay each year in typical recruitment agency fees, it can run into several thousand pounds for each candidate.  We would also be available for the interview stage, bringing our skills and experience to the table, providing commentary and analysis of the chosen candidates, to ensure that you offer the position to the right person.  Mind Strengths works on the basis of project rates, rather than expensive commission for recruitment projects, thereby saving you significant money that could ultimately be used for another member of staff!

Interim management is a similar problem. As the majority of consultancy projects that we undertake are short term, you cannot buy an interim manager for the same investment and many IM’s will only want a role that is at least six months in duration.  Consultancy is also about collaboration with some of our trusted associate partners and your employees, to deliver the project as you requested and in the timescale required. An external resource should be an excellent facilitator who will offer impartial, factual and non biased advice based on the criteria required.  Never too close to the business but never too far way. Please contact us for client testimonials, we are certain that the results will help shape your business for years to come.

For further information about our Consultancy services that can be delivered at any location across the UK, not just at our central office locations in Lincolnshire, London and Kent, contact us now on 0800 612 4826