Coaching Services

Mind Strengths is a Professional Business Coach, Mentor and Trainer based in Lincolnshire, London, and Kent but offering services in business coaching, training and consultancy throughout the UK. This is across many diverse sectors, including Accountancy, Education, Financial, Grounds Maintenance, Healthcare, Insurance, Law, Motorsport (F1) & Automotive Products, NHS, Public Sector, Retail, Social Housing, Waste Management & Recycling. Main areas of business coaching and training include Leadership, Team and Personal Development, Wellbeing, Stress Resilience, Mental Toughness, Customer Service Excellence, Managing Conflict, Coaching for Managers and Time Management.


We offer a complete portfolio of business coaching programmes, all designed to ensure that employee personal development is top of the agenda and across a wide range of subjects, which all link to the key workshops that can be seen on our training page that we specialise in and deliver for clients. For example, you may be interested in ensuring your teams are resilient and proactive towards managing the pressures of workplace stress has been a coaching cornerstone for many years and consider the stress management workshop.

When you empower your employees with the knowledge they require, they become more efficient, improve productivity and increase their morale. Our one to one coaching is so successful and the results speak for themselves. The relationship between the coach and coachee develops over time and at a pace to suit the individual. Sessions are discussed and agreed in advance, with the coachee helping to set the agenda. Quite often, the coach will set some light homework, with the aim of continuing the focus in between sessions.

Our Coaching Methodology can be seen on our coaching page. We will explore such things as skill strengthening, goals & objectives and motivations, all to ensure that our partnership gets the best results throughout the coaching programme.  Ask us about small group coaching sessions as well, these are a great way to engage and develop your team members.

We offer a specialised service that caters for Career Coaching. This can be used to help employees transition to new roles following redundancy, or for those just seeking guidance on how to move to different horizons. Main aspects include Career Coaching including Initial Assessment, CV Writing and Presentation, Interview Techniques and Body Language.


Developing your employees through training and teams to ensure that targets are exceeded and that you get the absolute best from your people. Without structured development, teams can drift and become unfocused on the tasks that they have to perform.

Mind Strengths offer a range of core training workshops, all of which are designed to be complementary to our business coaching programmes. The workshops themselves are interchangeable, meaning that you can select a particular subject for the morning session and merge with another topic for the afternoon session; a unique offer of flexibility from this business. We encourage clients to structure a full day session to suit their needs. For example, you could complete a half-day workshop followed by some 1-1 coaching sessions in the afternoon. This will cement the learning from the morning and ensures that your team gets the most from the day.

A list of our workshops can be seen on our training workshop page with full detailed programmes. All training workshop content can be adapted and changed to suit client needs and we also write bespoke training workshops on request.

We have also designed some very successful Leadership Development Master Classes for schools and academies that help middle leaders and senior leaders with their career progression. These highly acclaimed programmes are delivered over five modules, each lasting two hours and at the end of the teaching day between 16.00-18.00. If you wish to ask us for testimonials, we would be happy to supply you with the superb feedback that we receive.


Mind Strengths also offers a range of consultancy programmes for clients. We have undertaken many bespoke pieces of work across a wide variety of subjects, from Developing a Wellbeing Strategy to Disaster Recovery & Contingency Planning, GDPR Requirements to Marketing & Social Media Strategies. A full list of these can be seen on our business growth consultancy page.

We have often been asked to write and deliver content for large seminars and events, to a variety of different audiences, covering many subjects. By using the services of an experienced guest speaker, your event will take on a new and engaging meaning that everyone will appreciate, taking the pressure off internal staff.  Investing in a consultant is not expensive and can actually save your business money.  Take the Recruitment of Candidates programme as an example. We will write job specifications, adverts and then post them on appropriate job boards. Then, we will control the whole process from there, including reviewing CV’s and recommending candidates for interview.


Save money with our recruitment consultancy service

Take a moment to think about how much you pay each year in typical recruitment agency fees, it can run into several thousand pounds for each candidate.  We would also be available for the interview stage, bringing our skills and experience to the table, providing commentary and analysis of the chosen candidates, to ensure that you offer the position to the right person.  Mind Strengths works on the basis of project rates, rather than expensive commission for recruitment projects, thereby saving you significant money that could ultimately be used for another member of staff!

For further information about all of our Coaching, Training workshops, and Growth consultancy services, that can be delivered at any location across the UK and not just at our office locations in Lincolnshire, London and Kent contact us now on 0800 612 4826.