Coaching is a vital ingredient in the development of your employees and ensures that you get the best focus from every team member, whatever their needs are. Our business coaching programmes allow every individual the opportunity to self develop using methods that they will be comfortable with, all from an experienced coach. The relationship between the coach and coachee develops over time and at a pace to suit the individual. Sessions are discussed and agreed upon in advance, with the coachee helping to set the agenda. Quite often, the coach will set some light homework, with the aim of continuing the focus in between sessions.

Our Coaching Methodology

Typically, our coaching methodology can be summed up in these few distinct points.

  1. Together with the coachee, we will explore such things as skill strengthening, goals & objectives and motivations, all to ensure that our partnership gets the best results throughout the coaching programme.
  2. The coach will facilitate each session and encourage the coachee to participate enthusiastically in their own development, for the ultimate benefit of the business.
  3. The coach will gather information from the coachee and will feed back their understanding to ensure congruency.
  4. Using highly developed tools, tips and techniques, the coach will ensure that the coachee is on the right personal development path and is focused towards the end goals.
  5. The coach will encourage the coachee to try out the new skills and report back on their progress at future sessions. This will ensure that the techniques are working and are correct for the coachee.
  6. Each coaching session will be of an agreed duration, to suit the learning style of the coachee. Some light coaching homework may be given to keep the focus in between sessions and email support is always available in case there any questions.

The business coaching programmes follow on seamlessly from any training workshop activity, making every 1-1 session tailored for the coachee. No uniformity or sheep dipping here, just good, honest coaching practices with personal development at the top of the agenda. Ask us about small group coaching sessions as well, these are a great way to engage and develop your team members.

Did you know that we also undertake coaching sessions via Skype? Assessments and other relevant documents can be emailed to you during the session for immediate completion and live feedback! Just contact us for further details.

In addition, we have a specialised service that caters for Career Coaching. This can be used to help employees transition to new roles following redundancy, or for those just seeking guidance on how to move to different horizons. A complete package priced at different levels (Silver, Gold and Platinum services) depending on what your requirements are. There are four main aspects of Career Coaching including Initial Assessment, CV Writing and Presentation, Interview Techniques and Body Language, all designed to prepare you to get that new role!

For further information about our Coaching service that can be delivered at any location across the UK, not just at our central office locations in Kent, London and Lincolnshire, contact us now on 0800 612 4826