Personal Coaching

 Mind Strengths have coached many individual clients who are looking to move roles, change companies and even change industries using their unique skill set. This type of coaching service gives us the opportunity to introduce some further coaching strategies.


This isn’t Life Coaching, it’s more of a way of life.

 There comes a point in many people’s lives where workplace change needs to happen. It could be that things have got stale and unchallenging at work, or it’s become too stressful and demanding. Maybe even in difficult times your role has been made redundant. That’s where the Mind Strengths Personal Coaching Plan comes into force. We also cover CV construction and presentation, thereby enabling you to leap ahead of your competitors.

What is the Personal Coaching Plan?

 This is a format designed to focus on your skills, attributes, aims and directional approach. In addition, softer skills will also be assessed, thereby ensuring you have a 360 degree view when showcasing yourself to prospective new employers.

The Plan will become your high level profile that has been developed through our regular coaching programmes. It is a live working document and as such should be reviewed and added to on a regular basis. It is designed to attract attention and to enhance your key skills, in order for you to secure the role you are seeking.

What’s included in the Personal Coaching Plan? 

Personal assessments – to make up your Personal Profile.

Key Transferable Skills – how to identify and use them.

CV construction and presentation.

Body language and Interview techniques.

Confidence & Self Esteem Analysis.

Stress Resilience & Coping Strategies Analysis.

Future Vision & Directional Planning.

This is a four-week programme, taking up just one hour of your time each week. The results will amaze you as the data is being presented in an entirely different way. A new and refreshing start, giving you a head start in the crowded job market.

So, if you want to stand out from the crowd, add in the WOW factor to your CV or Biography and work with us on your own Personal Coaching Plan.

Some of the Benefits of the Personal Coaching Plan 

Structured 1-1 advice and guidance through individual coaching.

Bespoke tailoring of your key transferable skills and attributes for CV or Biography.

Learn new approaches to soft skills in interview situations.

Develop your own Personal Profile, unique to the analysis performed.


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