Action Coach VS Independent Coaching

Action Coach

Franchise VS Mind Strengths Professional Business Coaching


Mind Strengths offers coaching and training workshops, are these able to be mixed within a client contract?

Yes of course. We pride ourselves on total flexibility when delivering services for clients. Any subjects can mixed, together with the various forms of delivery. We want to ensure that we not only deliver bespoke content, but relevant content too.


Are you the same as Action Coach?

No, Action Coach is a franchise operation whereas Mind Strengths is a privately owned limited company.


What Coaching Strategies would you recommend for a small business? 

There is no “one size fits all” approach to coaching advice and guidance in business. There is a broader explanation here that should help set the scene.


I want to extend my own personal growth and knowledge, how can Mind Strengths help me? 

Personal growth comes from a desire to learn more about what will help you strive forward with your goals, plans and objectives. It’s that “can do” attitude that will help you perform at a different level. We have many different coaching strategies for personal growth and development, covering a wide range of topics, shown below.


I want to build a business, what advice can you give me?

We start at the beginning. We look at your expertise and how that translates into your wider vision and to what your goals and aspirations are. You will need a watertight business plan with financials to match. If you require financial backing, we have a platform of investors who may be interested in your proposition. Invest in your business wisely at the start, it’s absolutely crucial to making you more accountable.


Business coaching is booming, how do I find the right business coach to work with?

You must do your homework. Firstly, ask for client testimonials from your coach. You are looking for success stories where the course of action taken with an individual and/or business has been changed for the better. Then ask for examples of the type and style of assessments and materials they will be using too during the coaching programme. Finally, ask what the coaching programme will look like, so that your expectations are managed.


I’m a terrible planner, will a business coach help to focus me?

Most definitely! We work with many clients who can’t see the vision, the end goal. Working day to day literally consumes them but without a plan and focus, your business is unlikely to grow, merely survive. A business coach will hold you accountable, set you homework in between sessions and keep you on track and focused to achieve your short, medium and long term objectives.