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Mind Strengths are pleased to announce the popular Lunch & Learn session now available throughout Lincolnshire. There are many different subjects to choose from and each session lasts for one hour.

Learn How my Clients’ Businesses:

 Solved Conflict Between Employees

 Reduced absence through stress and anxiety

 Improved Meeting Productivity

 Developed Selling Skills

Improved Account Management

Promoted Positive Mindset

Enhanced Time Management

Improved Customer Service

Built a Better Business

What do our Clients Say?

test-lhs-quoteIan has supported leadership development in the educational world to great effect. He has worked alongside young leaders, improving their understanding of leadership over management, helping challenge and support them to grow as people and professionals. A very valuable resource in our fast changing world.test-rhs-quote
Karen White, Principal, Delce Academy

test-lhs-quoteIan is a retained consultant for Compact & Bale and has been working with us since 2014 on a variety of projects, training, staff development and coaching programmes. Ian has a depth of knowledge gained from his days working for large corporate companies and transfers this expertise into how we can best serve our clients and improve our service offering. Ian also contributes to our senior management meetings where he gives an outsiders view of the strategies that will benefit our business.test-rhs-quote
Nick Jewitt, Managing Director, Compact and Bale Ltd