Managing Remote Working


This workshop is relevant for remote workers who work from home. It can be very challenging to operate from a “home office” where you are constantly reminded about your surroundings and the interaction of traditional office life is non-existent. If you lead a workforce, there can also be challenges around how to manage remote teams as well. It can be much more difficult to manage remote teams as the dynamics have changed enormously. 

Motivating yourself to achieve results can also be extremely demanding, so this workshop will provide guidance on the key issues facing remote working for all employees. 


Challenges and benefits for remote workers and remote working

Scheduling tasks when you are “at your best”

How to maximise your key skills to full potential

Wellbeing to preventing stress and boredom

How to motivate and boss yourself

Measuring your work throughput and output

Communication essentials and how to stay in touch

How to remain efficient, engaged, dynamic and results driven                

Action Planning 

Learning Outcomes

Delegates will undertake their own personal profile, allowing them to build a picture of how they operate whilst working from home, compared to a work environment. This profile is an essential foundation and provides the building blocks for the action plans. At the end of the workshop, delegates will be able to appreciate their own efficiencies and when to use them correctly to get the best results.

Business Benefits

This workshop is suitable for all employees who work remotely from home, regardless of occupation. By understanding the dynamics of remote working in a new and improved light using neuroscience and NLP techniques, delegates will become more efficient and effective, thereby producing better results and output. 

There is also a workshop entitled How to Manage Remote Teams, which is designed for managers. This is a perfect complement to the Managing Remote Working workshop and will provide any business with full 360° coverage on the subject.


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