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Master Your NLP Sales Techniques 

Our NLP courses provide you with the tools using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Business techniques; elements of conversation, written content and negotiation can be changed to appeal to everyone, regardless of whether the audience is more visual, auditory, or kinaesthetic.

Ever wondered why your proposal was rejected or why your ideas don’t resonate with employees and customers? Time to find out what style you are using to ensure that covers all the critical elements. Our NLP workshops are essential for those in sales, account management, or customer-facing roles.

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Content of Mind Strengths NLP Courses

Preparing towards achieving specific outcomes

Submodalities (VAK model)

How to construct Well-Formed Goals


Understanding (the clients) preferred language

Listening and matching your client’s language

Body Language

Pitch & Tone of voice

Communication styles

Anchoring techniques

Meta Model (including delete, distort, generalise)


Learning Outcomes of our NLP Courses

At the end of the workshop, delegates will feel more empowered towards every sales or customer-facing discussion that they undertake. NLP for sales teams is a very powerful set of tools that can make significant differences to the way in which your teams conduct sales activity and their success rate in closing business. If you want your sales team to increase their ability to sell and gain a leading edge on the competition, then this is for your company.

How would you like to be able to communicate in a way that enabled you to easily get your message across to people at all different levels of an organisation?

How would you like to be able to motivate someone to do something just by your use of specific language patterns?

How would you like to be able to help people overcome their problems in order to make them more efficient and productive?

How would you like be able to influence choices by communicating with them at an unconscious level so that they just get a good feeling about your product or service and accept your suggestions?

How do our NLP courses help?

Our NLP courses teach you that we all have certain preferences in how we think, how we represent the world to ourselves. If we can understand the way that we think, then we can also influence how we think.

For example, we all have a preferred system for translating what goes on in our lives into our thoughts. We either prefer to use our sense of sight, sound, or touch. If we have a preferred sense of sight, then we will translate easily what we experience into pictures in our heads. If we have a preferred sense of touch, then we will easily translate that into internal feelings. The trick is to understand the person who you are influencing and what type of language they respond to.

Let’s say for example that we have a preference for visual elements such as sight or pictures. This will become evident amongst other things in the things that we say, such as “See you later,” “I can see that happening,” “Out of sight out of mind” etc. All these phrases involve the sense of sight, which indicates a more visual person.

Knowing this, we can then listen more accurately to what people say, and we can tell what their preferred medium of communication is. We can gain unconscious influence over them by using their preferred system of communication back to them. So, we will use words and phrases that they use in order to achieve success.

Sales, Sales presentation, NLP courses, NLP in sales pitch, Mindstrengths, Kent, London, Lincolnshire

Influencing Skills

It is worth saying that influencing is a mixture of many separate skills, often to do with noticing things differently. There are so many skills that you couldn’t do them all consciously. You get better by practicing the different skills separately until they become unconscious, or intuitive. The most important single skill is the ability to put yourself into someone else’s viewpoint.

The first way they do this is by listening carefully to what people say. They will notice what’s important to the other person. This includes relatively big things like core values in life or work. It also includes relatively small things like what’s important about the subject being discussed, i.e. the other person’s criteria. You will notice your beliefs and respect other’s beliefs. Effective influencers use these things to guide what they say and how they say it to achieve win-win solutions.

The second way of good influencing involves noticing the other person’s body language and voice tones right down to micro-signals that most would miss. You can use this in two main ways. Allow yourself to become a little more like the other person in body language and voice tones. This is called matching in NLP terms or being congruent.

This has the effect of building rapport, relationships, and liking. All of these elements together increase your influence. Also, when you allow your body language to match another person’s, it is much easier to understand what is going on for them. If you get better at knowing what is going on, then it is easier to have a more beneficial influence.

Persuasion and influencing skills are powerful tools and by developing some of the skills and strategies in this workshop, you can begin to dramatically increase your level of successful sales attributes.

Download Mind Strengths free NLP Checklist here

All of our workshops can be delivered at any location across the UK, not just at our central office locations in Lincolnshire, London and Kent.

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